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 2020 AAUW Maryland Annual Meeting – May 26

The AAUW State Convention scheduled for June 27, 2020, has been postponed indefinitely.  In a letter sent on April 24, the State Co-Presidents wrote:

The 2020 AAUW Maryland Convention will not be held June 27 in Annapolis.  AAUW headquarters has advised all branches to avoid in-person gatherings through June because of the danger posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.  The State Board conferred by phone this week and determined that we need to honor the guidance from our national office and take precautions to protect the health of our members.

We are disappointed that we won’t be getting together in person, and we sincerely thank the Anne Arundel Branch and the Program Chairs for all the work they have put into planning this event.  The State Convention serves critical functions, and we are looking into how to fulfill them to the best of our ability.

We are working with Erin Prangley (the nominee for State President) and Tracy Lantz and Pat Stocker (nominees for Co-Program Chair) and the Anne Arundel Branch to develop plans for a combination of future online and in-person opportunities to replace the June 27 meeting.

A summary of actions:

    • AAUW MD 2020 Convention will NOT be held in in Annapolis June 27.
    • A Zoom conference call will be held May 26 at 7:30 pm to elect AAUW MD officers for the terms beginning July 1, 2020.  The most recent Marylander includes information about those running for office.  Each branch will select voting delegates to participate in this election.
    • Those who have registered and paid for the June 27 meeting will receive refunds.
    • We hope to hold an in-person state meeting in the fall and will inform you as soon as possible. We will proceed in accordance with guidance from the State of Maryland, the CDC, and National AAUW.
    • Please read your Marylander and your e-mail for updated information.

We wish you good health and courage during this challenging time.

Susan Wierman,  Co-President, Maryland AAUW
Kate Campbell Stevenson, Co-President, Maryland AAUW