Resources for Branch Treasurers

AAUW MD Expense VoucherExpense vouchers must be filed within 30 days of your expenditure.  Mail to Christine Schmitz, Maryland State Treasurer, 5925 Grace Lee Ave, Sykesville, MD  21784-8713, or email to

Guidelines for Typical Allowable Expenses.

AAUW Branch and State Finance Tool Kit (in Member Center)

Member Services Data Base. The Member Services Database is available through the Member Center on the AAUW website. It is available for the use of individual members, branch officers, and state officers. Online documents are available for user reference ( If you “see” data that you know are incorrect due to an erroneous submission, you may correct it. Please ask your members to go online, review their data, and make corrections, too.  This is very important, especially for email addresses.

If you have problems with content and require assistance, you may contact the AAUW Helpline at 800-326-2289.  If there are system problems such as: accessing or using a function, printing a member roster, or completing and submitting a form, send an email describing the situation to

In Member Center you can access and use this link – Forms, Branch Forms 

    • Additional Dues Remittance form for New/Renewal members
    • Member Record Change Form
    • Honorary Life Membership Application
    • Plus additional membership forms, etc.

IRS Reporting Requirements

Each branch must file a form with the Department of the Treasury, Internal Revenue Service by November 15, each year; that is, the 15th day of the fifth month after the close of our tax period. The form you need to file depends on what your branch’s gross receipts were for the tax year that ends June 30th. For gross receipts of $25,000 or less, an annual electronic notice is all that is required. If you have gross receipts of more than $25,000 then a longer form is required. The Annual Electronic Notice must include the following information for your branch:

    • Branch’s legal name;
    • Any other names your branch uses;
    • Branch’s mailing address;
    • Branch’s website address (if you have one);
    • Branch’s employer identification number (EIN);
    • Name and address of a principal officer of the branch;
    • Branch’s annual tax period;

Verify that your branch’s annual gross receipts are still normally $25,000 or less, and indicate if your branch has terminated (is no longer in business). Answers to most of the questions that you may have as well as forms and e-filing can be found at You can also subscribe to an EO Newsletter at and click on “EO Newsletter.”


Dues normally are for one year of membership, July 1 through June 30th.

Maryland AAUW members pay dues at three levels: Association dues, which are sent to the national AAUW organization; State dues, which are sent to the Maryland treasurer; and branch dues. All dues are typically paid in a single payment, collected by the branch.

Each branch treasurer should receive a Branch Dues Report via email from the Association, if this report is not received please contact the Association and request that the report be provided.  The treasurer’s responsibility is to update this report annotating which members are renewing and the amount paid for each member.  Note although Honorary Life Members pay no dues please indicate if they are renewing.

The report and dues are then mailed to both the Association and Maryland Treasurer.  The initial submission is requested by July 1st but can be mailed at a later date if necessary.

Association reports and dues are mailed to: Mail reports and dues to:
P.O. Box 96793
Washington, DC 20090-6793
Christine Schmitz
Maryland State Treasurer
5925 Grace Lee Ave
Sykesville, MD  21784-8713

800-326-AAUW (2289)

Association & State Dues:

    • See the Dues and Fees Table for National dues.  Please note that the fees and some categories changed in 2021.
    • Maryland state dues are $10.00 (Branch and Life Members.)
    • Maryland state students dues are $3.
    • Honorary Life members are zero for National and State dues.

Dues Notes:

    • Branches assess their own dues in addition to those of AAUW Maryland and National AAUW. The branch dues bill for a member should include all three parts: (1) National AAUW dues, (2) Maryland AAUW dues, and (3) Branch dues.
    • You may to go online to the Member Services Database and complete a Group Payment. It’s a simplified process:
      • First, check off your renewing members,
      • Then, add new ones,
      • Now print out a Branch Dues Report Form (BDR), and
      • Finally, mail the BDR with your member checks directly to National AAUW.
      • The AAUW Membership staff will process member checks and make direct deposits to your branch and to Maryland AAUW.
    • Branch dues fees and policies are set by the individual branches, and are not uniform across the state.  Some branches may waive branch dues in some categories.
    • Association Members-at-Large do not pay branch or state dues since they are not affiliated locally, nor do they receive publications other than the Association every-member publication, AAUW Outlook.
    • National Life Members do not pay Association dues. To become a Life Member you pay the one-time life membership dues, the Association fee times 20, (ex. for 2011,  pay $49 x 20 = $980).  These members still pay state and branch dues.
    • Honorary Life Members, are those members who have been Association members for over 50 years; they pay no Association, or state, Branch dues are at the branch’s option.
    • Between March 16 – June 30, normal dues are paid up through June 30 of the following year