AAUW Maryland Officers

July 1, 2023 – June 30, 2024

  • President:  Tracy Lantz
  • Secretary: Diane B. Roca
  • Finance/Treasurer: Christine Schmitz
  • AAUW Funds Vice President:  Bea Dane
  • Communications Co-Vice Presidents:  Susan Wierman, Lydia Alcock, Susana Hernández Martín
  • Membership Vice President:  Jeanne Blades
  • Programs Co-Vice Presidents:  Jacqueline Gray and Heather Reichardt
  • Public Policy Vice President: Roxann King and Judy Carbone
  • Diversity and Inclusion Chair: Carolyn Fisher
  • Bylaws Chair:  Diane B. Roca
  • State ‘ERA Taskforce Chair’: Judy Carbone
  • Archivist: Terry Sayler