AAUW Maryland Officers


Co-Presidents:  Susan Wierman (susan.wierman at gmail.com) and Kate Campbell Stevenson {kcamstev at aol.com)

Secretary co-chairs: Mary Anne Williams (treksk8 at aol.com) and Heather Reichardt (hjr1234 at gmail.com)

Finance/Treasurer: Christine Schmitz (christine.schmitz at glassjacobsonia.com)

AAUW Funds Vice-President:  Beatrice “Bea” Dane (bea_dane at comcast.net )

Communications Vice-President:  Eileen Menton (ementon at gmail.com)

Membership Vice President:  Carol Leah Mueller(trilobite929 at comcast.net)

Program Co-Vice Presidents:  Tracy Lantz (lantz.tracy@epa.gov)  and Nora Putt (njputt at gmail.com)

Public Policy Vice President : Erin Prangley (Erin.prangley at gmail.com)

College/University Representative:  Caitlin Brauer (shannonc44 at gmail.com)

Diversity Chair:  Jacqueline Gray (jgray90210 at aol.com )