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Civility to Highlight AAUW Maryland Fall Meeting

For thousands of years, people have struggled with staying respectful and courteous toward others. We are currently seeing a huge resurgence of interest in civility. Each generation comes to it anew. Triggers include road rage, the internet, Facebook, political polarization, texting and tweeting. And with more high-speed communication and mobile devices, it’s tempting to participate in conversations instantaneously, without always thinking how our comments might impact others.

The Fall Meeting will focus on the important and, sadly, all-too-urgent topic of civility. We will share insights on civility—what this concept entails and how we might go about restoring and maintaining more civil discourse and behavior in a respectful, functioning society. We will include such aspects as cyber-attacks and bullying.

 Daniel L. Buccino, Director, Johns Hopkins Civility Initiative will be the featured speaker.  He is the clinical manager for the Johns Hopkins Broadway Center for Addiction, the founder and director of the Baltimore Psychotherapy Institute, and an advisor and trainer for the International Center for Clinical Excellence.


The Fall 2019 AAUW Marylander is Here

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Join us for AAUW Maryland’s  Fall Meeting  in Baltimore, Maryland, on October 26, 2019.  The Agenda along with   Registration and Logistics Information are included starting at page 8

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