AAUW Maryland a membership community that is changing the climate for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy and research.   AAUW Maryland has 13 branches located throughout the state and the Maryland online community.

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The Summer Marylander is Here!

The AAUW Summer 2021 Marylander is available.  Included in this issue:

  • Registration and details for July 10 Summer Conference
  • Updates from Branches
  • Public Policy Update
  • Summary of State Convention
  • Report on Women of Distinction Ceremony at NCCWSL
  • National Update
  • And more...

Women of Distinction Ceremony A Smashing Success with AAUW Maryland Support

Very little looked familiar. Yet, this year’s National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (we say Nick-whistle), electronically attended by more than 700 students must be called a success. AAUW Maryland played a major role as a platinum sponsor of the always inspiring Women of Distinction (WoD) event on 26 May.

In her opening remarks, AAUW CEO Kim Churches singled out, Maryland’s generosity with warm gratitude. The AAUW website also prominently displayed our sponsorship status, our state logo, and AAUW Maryland Woman of Distinction, Dr. A. Yvette Myrick, our honoree in whose name we raised the necessary funds.

Jacki Gray, AAUW Maryland’s DIversity and Inclusion Chair, introduced  A Yvette Myrick, Ed.D., as AAUW Maryland’s Woman of the Year.  As a young girl growing up in the projects of Baltimore City, one of the major goals Yvette told us she set for herself was to go to college. To drive home the importance of setting goals, Yvette urged the audience to use “GPS” throughout their journey in life. Yvette explained, “GPS” stands for Goals, Perseverance, and Support. “When setting goals, set long and short-term goals.” She emphasized perseverance because “Life consists of barriers.…Do not give up….Keep it moving!” Finally, she stressed the importance of keeping a support network of strong relationships. She told the young women at NCCWSL, “I believe in you!”   Kim Churches later called Dr. Myrick’s remarks “truly inspiring.” Her “authenticity and passion shone through.” Yvette, “filled with much gratitude,” called her experience “an amazing honor.”  More…

2021 AAUW Maryland Convention and Annual Meeting

Because pandemic precautions continue, we held the 2021 AAUW Maryland annual convention virtually over two days:  Saturday, May 22, 10:00 am – 12:45 pm and Sunday, May 23, from 2:00 pm to 4:45 pm.    More…

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