AAUW Funds

Resources for AAUW Fundraisers

AAUW programs can’t exist without funding, and finding support for AAUW’s outstanding local and national programs empowers the women and girls who most need our help. That makes the work of an AAUW fundraiser crucial to the mission.

  • Support AAUW Maryland’s fundraising initiatives, including the AAUW Maryland Women of Distinction Fund, here.
  • Learn more about how to support AAUW here.
  • Explore AAUW’s fundraising resources and guidelines here.

The webinar below, presented in 2018 to AAUW funds chairs, explains in greater detail how state and branch leaders can support AAUW’s mission most effectively.

Fundraising Policy 501 and Resources

AAUW Fundraising Policy 501 and its related guidelines and FAQs will help AAUW, and all AAUW-affiliated entities, stay current and preserve their nonprofit status.

Questions?  Contact Bea Dan, Maryland Vice President for AAUW Funds (bea_dane at comcast.net).