AAUW Maryland Convention 2019

 Our Wonderful Speakers

  • Catherine Hill, Executive Director of the Women’s Caucus for the Maryland General Assembly and formerly Senior Research Director for AAUW.  She will share insights from her research into pay inequity, the need for more women to enter STEM fields, the actions women should take to ensure a secure financial retirement, and related financial issues
  •  Dr. Dana McCauley, Teaching Principal in Garrett County will discuss making a difference for girls in public schools.
  • Dr. Sunshine Brosi, Associate Professor, Frostburg State University, Ethnobotany Program Coordinator, and AAUW Fellow (2012-13) will discuss her research.  She focuses on attracting and retaining women and minorities into natural resources programs by including culture in the biology classroom.
  • Barbara Miller, Vice President, Garrett County Community Action Committee, will discuss Bridges out of Poverty, sharing stories and strategies to help in this critical and growing need.