Join Us at AAUW Maryland Lobby Day and Symposium – February 6

By:  Anita Rosen, AAUW Maryland Co-Vice President for Public Policy

Join us for an exciting day and evening too, in Annapolis, on February 6th.  Come to Lobby and attend a free symposium.

The day will begin for AAUW at 12:20p.m outside the Senate Building President Conference Center West 1.  AAUW folks will meet, coordinate, get materials and prep for quick visits with your Legislators. The materials will help you with meeting with  Legislator  visits on AAUW issues in Maryland, including the Maryland Legislative Agenda for Women (MLAW) which will be covered at the MLAW Conference on January 31st and will be shared with you on our AAUW Maryland webpage.  One other terrific bill we support is described elsewhere in this newsletter. It is an innovative initiative of the Howard County AAUW- the Extend Child Custody Support for Post-Secondary Education.

We will be co-hosting a symposium on several of our key issues and adding on an AAUW lobby day opportunity with the Women’s Economic Security Agenda Coalition (WESA). WESA was our collaborator and organizer for last year’s successful legislative session to expand Equal Pay.

The WESA Symposium, which is free of charge, will take place between 12:45-4 pm (at the latest). There will be several panels on such issues as Healthy Working Families Act (Earned Sick Days), Fight for $15 (minimum wage), Fair Work Week Initiative, and Affordable Child Care.

Information on bill numbers and strategies for advocacy will be provided and refreshments will be served. Numerous Legislators have been invited to drop in to speak and  network with you..

You should plan short lobby visits with your own Legislators during the symposium and afterward.  If you can, stay into the evening.  Monday evenings are prime time to make appointments and see legislators!

This is your chance to share one or two important issues we support. It is easy to do, and you will get tips on how to have a quick “chat” with Legislators or their staff to let them know that AAUW Maryland cares about the quality of life for women and families in Maryland.

Register for the free Symposium on line at:

Let me know you will be attending our Lobby Day. I hope to see many of you there to give visibility to AAUW Maryland and to make our voices heard about really important issues for women and families in Maryland. If you have questions, email me (anitarosen123 at