Help Close the Pay Gap — End Reliance on Salary History in Maryland

Right now, lawmakers in Annapolis are considering S.B. 738/H.B. 634. This important bill would prohibit employers from relying on a job applicant’s salary history to determine pay, a practice that perpetuates the pay gaps women and people of color face in their careers. But this legislation may not move forward unless lawmakers hear from you now.

Click here to contact your state legislators and urge them to pass S.B. 738/H.B. 634 today!

Salary history is not a neutral factor by which to set pay, and it doesn’t determine an applicant’s qualifications for a position. Relying on salary history in the hiring process can:

  • Force some workers, particularly women and people of color who are generally paid less than white, non-Hispanic men, to carry lower earnings and pay discrimination from job to job.
  • Penalize those who reduced their work hours in prior jobs to care for children or other family members.
  • Depress wages for individuals who have previously worked in nonprofits or the public sector and are moving into higher paying fields.

This bill also requires employers to provide a job applicant the salary range for a position upon request, an additional way to increase transparency and narrow the gender pay gap.

Banning the use of salary history in the hiring process and sharing salary ranges can make meaningful change in closing the pay gap. Urge your legislators to pass S.B. 738/H.B. 634!